Wealth Spell Jar Recipe

This spell jar is designed to manifest wealth in your life with gratitude and positive affirmations. It will bring you financial success that you have worked hard for, to bless you and those around you.


-One medium sized jar with lid
-One small serving spoon
-Any type of unsalted and unprocessed nuts
-Any type of unsalted and unprocessed seeds
-Any type of unsalted and unprocessed dried fruit
-Any type of fresh and unprocessed fruit
-One green tea bag
-A handful of herbs
-One small pouch of Reiki charged and Blessed Sea Salt
-Pebbles or semi-precious stones (optional)


1. Begin by gathering all of the ingredients listed above.
2. Use the spoon to carefully layer the nuts, seeds, fruit, and herbs in the jar.
3. Add the green tea bag in the middle and sprinkle the pouch of Reiki Charged and Blessed Sea Salt over the top of the layer.
4. If you are using pebbles or semi-precious stones, add them now.
5. Place the lid onto the jar and bless it with your intent.
6. In a single, thoughtful moment, think to yourself: I bless this jar with abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
7. Display the jar in your space and take a few moments to connect to the energy of the spell jar and to the space in which it resides.
8. As you move through your day, place both hands around the jar and express your gratitude and positive affirmations towards wealth.
9. Refresh the spell jar once a month to keep your intentions alive and potent.