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  • 20 shrimps (shelled and cut like butterfly)

  • corn starch

  • oil for frying

  • light mayonaise

  • honey

  • walnut for sprinkle

  • lettuce for garnish

  • season shrimp with salt and white pepper and let it stay in refrigerator 1 hour

  • coat shrimp with corn starch

  • Heat pan with oil, after heat fried shrimp till yellow brown and chruncy.

  • dried shrimp with paper towel.

  • For the sauce, mix mayonaise with honey, stir well.

  • arrange lettuce on serving dish, put shrimp on top lettuce, add sauce on top and sprinkle walnut on top sauce.

PS: i used to wrap shrimp and sauce with lettuce, taste so good and fresh. u can also add chili sauce.