Using Spell Jars for Protection in Magickal Arts

Spell jars, also known as witch bottles, spell bottles, or conjure bottles, are popular tools used in Magickal arts to ward against physical, mental, and spiritual disturbances. Spell jars are frequently used to guard against malicious spirits or energies, heal ailments, and even ward off jealous ex-lovers. They are an ancient tradition, believed to be first created to protect homes, vessels on sea voyages, and to heal illnesses.

Throughout centuries of variation, the original form of spell jars are now known as charm bags, mojo bags, and witch bottles. Although they have similar intentions, spell jars differ because they contain more tangible items such as herbs, crystals, and essential oils. All of these highly energetic items are believed to provide stability to the individual or living space.

Making a spell jar is a simple and enjoyable process. There are three vital elements to creating this tool of protection: a container, symbols of your intention, and energy to bring it all together. Depending upon your intention, you will most likely fill the jar with an energetic ingredient like herbs, stones, flowers, or small charms. As it is being constructed, remain focused on your purpose.

Once the jar has been filled, the top should be sealed with wax or paper. As you do this, remember to visualize the success of your spell, to recharge the jar and make it whole. Place the spell jar somewhere in your home to gain protection from it.

Herbal Protection Spell Jar Recipe


– Small mason Jar
– Two teaspoons of Rosemary
– Two teaspoons of Lavender
– One teaspoon of Thyme
– Two teaspoons of Sea Salt
– Four to five Quartz crystals
– White Candles
– Red Ribbon
– Pen and Paper


1. Begin by setting up a sacred space out of respect for the work you are doing.
2. Place the jar on a flat surface, where you will be able to perform the spell.
3. With the pen and paper, write down a list of your intentions for the spell jar.
4. Once the list of intentions is complete, place them in the jar. You might want to also write down a phrase or several sentences to serve as a reminder of what it is the jar will do for you.
5. Place the herbs into the jar. Speak aloud as you are placing the herbs. You could say something similar to “Rosemary for strength, Lavender for peace, Thyme for protection” and so on.
6. Place the crystals in the jar. Visualize a white light of protection and safety flowing from them, filling the jar and all the space around it.
7. Place a piece of the Red Ribbon in the jar. As you do this, visualize the state of being actively defended, of standing in a place of strength and vitality.
8. Sprinkle the Salt into the jar in clockwise motion and say:

I create this spell jar to protect me
It cleanses and wards off negative energies
Let no harm come in, and no malice becomes me
Only positive energy can come and penetrate this space

9. Place the lid of the jar on it and close it.
10. Place two candles, one red, and one white on either shoulder of the jar. As you light the candles, repeat your intentions.
11. Speak aloud a prayer or words of gratitude for all that you know will come.
12. When the candles burn clear, the spell Jar is finished and ready for use.

The spell jar is a simple and effective approach to protect yourself and your environment in the face of danger. With the magical combination of ingredients, use it anytime you need a boost of protection and guard against malicious forces.