• 1 Jar with a Lid
• 1 Teaspoon of Salt
• 2 Teaspoons of Fresh Sage
• 9 Pieces of Lavender
• 1 Fresh Rose
• 1 Piece of Rose Quartz
• Clear Quartz
• 2 Pinches of Lavender Essential Oil


• Start by cleaning the jar and lid with soap and hot water.
• Rinse the jar and lid with a mixture of lavender essential oil and water
• Fill the jar halfway with salt.
• Add the sage, lavender, and rose to the jar.
• Place the quartz crystals in the jar.
• Place the lid on the jar and secure it tightly.
• Place the jar in a place where it will receive natural light, such as a windowsill.
• Visualize your dreams and ambitions as you place the jar in the sunlight.
• Allow the sunlight to cleanse the jar of negative energy and fill it with positive energy.
• Keep the jar in the sunlight for 7-10 days.
• After 7-10 days, the Renewal of Dreams Spell Jar is ready to use.  

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