Morir Sonando- Dominician nectar of the Gods!

If you’ve ever been to the Dominican Republic, then you’re likely very familiar with Morir Sonando. This delicious beverage combines fresh ingredients like orange juice and milk, and is a staple of everyday Dominican life. It’s easy to make and is sure to be a hit for your next family gathering or birthday party. So let’s get started on making this sweet nectar of the Gods!

Morir Sonando literally translates from Spanish to mean “to die dreaming”. It is said that, while drinking Morir Sonando, all worries and problems fade away and you can feel like you’re in a dream. So let’s give this recipe a try and see if that’s true!


• 2 cups orange juice
• 1 cup of condensed milk
• 1cup of water
• 1tsp vanilla extract
• assortment of fresh fruit for garnish (mint leaves, strawberries, etc)


1. In a large pitcher, mix together orange juice, condensed milk, water, and vanilla extract.
2. Blend all ingredients until they’re well combined.
3. Pour the Morir Sonando into glasses, garnishing with the fresh fruit.
4. Enjoy your Morir Sonando!

That’s all there is to it! This is such an easy and delicious recipe. Morir Sonando is the perfect refreshing drink for summer, or anytime of year if you’re looking for something special. So go ahead and try this recipe, you’ll be sure to impress all your family and friends with Dominican nectar of the Gods!