Hello Fresh Chicken: A Deliciously Easy Gourmet Meal

When it comes to fuss-free meals that your family will love, nothing beats the simple yet delicious Hello Fresh Chicken recipe! Combining classic ingredients and unique global flavours, this one-pan dish is sure to be the star of your dinner table.

What’s Special about this Recipe?

The ingredients in this dish come together in perfect harmony to give a well-balanced and tantalizing flavour. On top of that, the dish is spiced with a touch of global influence, which adds a touch of excitement and surprise. With cumin, curry powder, and diced mango, this recipe will simply burst with flavour!

How to Prepare

It’s easier than you think to whip up this delicious Hello Fresh Chicken! To start, add olive oil to a medium-high heated skillet. Once hot, add in your diced chicken breasts. Cook chicken until golden brown and fully cooked through, about 10 minutes.

Next, add cumin, curry powder, garlic, diced mango, and the juice of a lime. Keep stirring and cooking until everything is warmed through and chicken is cooked through. Serve up cooked chicken over your favorite grain or steamed vegetables.

Related Recipes to Try

If you’re looking for other occasions to incorporate this Hello Fresh Chicken into your dinner rotation, there are plenty of options! For a classic twist, try substituting the mango for raisins, which will give your dish a delightful Mediterranean flair.

I also recommend trying this chicken with other global flavours. For an Asian twist, replace the mango with diced pineapple and add a tablespoon of soy sauce for added depth. You could also use Jamaican jerk seasoning for a Latin-inspired delight.


With its classic ingredients combined with unique global flavours, this Hello Fresh Chicken recipe is sure to become a family favorite. This easy one-pan meal is perfect for any occasion and will surely become a hit at your dinner table. Give it a try and enjoy the tantalizing flavours!