What side dishes will be served with the fish dinner?

What’s the plan for dinner tonight? Whether it’s a weeknight or a special occasion, nothing brings family and friends together like a hearty fish dinner. With a few simple ingredients and a few creative touches, you can impress your guests with a delicious feast.

Let’s create a delightful five-course fish dinner that everyone will enjoy – from the lightest of appetizers to the richest of mains.

As a starter, let’s begin with Ceviche Místico – a Peruvian-inspired ceviche featuring fresh, lightly cooked fish marinated in citrus juices and tossed with cilantro, fresh chilli peppers, red onion, and avocado. A unique twist on the traditional ceviche recipe, this zesty dish is sure to delight your guests with a tantalizing burst of flavor.

For the soup course, nothing beats a classic fish chowder. Try this fragrant and comforting seafood chowder – made with cream, white wine, and a mix of your favorite fish and shellfish. This creamy and comforting dish will warm the hearts and bellies of your guests.

For the main dish, get creative with a traditional Mediterranean fish stew. This delicious amalgam of baked white fish, tomatoes, and fresh herbs is perfect for feeding a crowd. Serve in a ceramic bowl along with a delicious side of roasted potatoes and a fennel and orange salad.

For a light and bright accompaniment to the meal, try a light and flavourful Seaweed and Rockfish Salad. Blending the taste of the sea with the sweetness of the earth, this warm salad is a delicious way to add vibrant colour and nutrition to your meal.

Finally, finish the meal with a classic Spanish style fish dish. Try Famoso – a classic recipe that is a staple in Spanish cooking. This dish combines pan-roasted sea bass with sautéed peppers, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. This family-favorite recipe is sure to leave everyone satisfied.

This five-course fish feast is sure to take your taste buds on an amazing journey. With these simple and delicious dishes, you’re sure to create an enjoyable evening for all. Bon appetit!