• An Avocado

  • A Lemon or a Lime

  • Some Red Onion

  • Some Tomato

  • Salt & Pepper

Everyone loves Guacamole, it’s always a winner.

There are so many recipes for it, but here’s a simple batchelor’s take. Make sure you do this with a ripe avocado. Slice right around the avacado, give it a little twist and it should fall open perfectly. Strike the stone with a sharp knife and ease it out with a little shimmy. There should be no reason to inflict avacado-related knife incidents upon yourself, even if you’re not acutely aquainted with the ingredient. Scoop out the inards with a spoon, mash up in a bowl with finely chopped ingredients. Add lemon or lime to taste and season. One avacado should serve two people.