Homemade Yoni Soap Recipe

Yoni soap is a natural alternative to commercial, chemically-laden soap products. This unique, handmade soap is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The main things that make it unique are the ingredients and scents. Yoni soap not only has soothing properties, but it also works to balance hormone levels. It can be used to detoxify, soothe yeast infections and PMS symptoms, and provide users with a feeling of relaxation.

Yoni soap is made with all-natural ingredients, some of which include floral essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients. Yoni soap can also provide users with relief from a variety of vaginal or uterine concerns, such as painful menstrual cramps and excessive menstrual flow. Some even claim that it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Making your own yoni soap is a great way to ensure you’re using the most natural ingredients. Plus, it’s fun to get creative and make your own unique version of homemade soap! This recipe is simple and easy to follow, and you can find all of the ingredients in any health food store.


• 4 teaspoons of Shea Butter
• 4 tablespoons of liquid Castile Soap
• 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
• 10-15 drops of your favorite Essential Oil (such as Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree, etc)


1. Begin by combining all of the ingredients in a bowl.
2. Use a mixer or whisk to blend everything together until it’s a thick, creamy mixture.
3. Once the mixture is blended, transfer it to a mold of your choice and set aside.
4. Allow the mold to sit overnight (or at least 4 hours) so that the yoni soap can solidify.
5. Pop the yoni soap out of the mold, and your homemade yoni soap is ready to use!

This yoni soap will last for up to 6 months if stored in a cool, dark place. For best results, use on a regular basis to maintain optimal pH balance. Enjoy!