Yoni Soap Recipe

Do you want to take your self-care routine to the next level? Yoni soap is a great way to do it! Yoni soap has been used amongst cultures around the world for centuries to promote intimate skin wellness. It is a gentle, natural cleanser that can help reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and even balance the pH of your delicate intimate area. With the right ingredients and method, you can easily make your own yoni soap at home!


• 1 cup organic cold pressed coconut oil
• ½ cup organic shea butter
• ½ cup castile soap
• ¼ cup raw honey
• 10-15 drops of your chosen essential oils (optional)
• Wood bowl
• Bamboo spoon
• Soap mold


1. Gather all ingredients and supplies.
2. Measure out the coconut oil and shea butter and add them to a wood bowl.
3. Warm the coconut oil and shea butter in the wood bowl using a double boiler method.
4. Once the oils and butters have melted, add in the castile soap and raw honey.
5. Optional: Add 10-15 drops of your chosen essential oil to the mix and stir.
6. Using a bamboo spoon, mix all ingredients until fully incorporated.
7. Pour the mixture into the soap mold.
8. Place the mold in the freezer or refrigerator and allow to harden (about 30 minutes).
9. Once solid, remove the soap from the molds and place in a cool, dry area.
10. Enjoy your homemade yoni soap!

Yoni soap is an easy and affordable way to promote intimate skin wellness. With just a few ingredients and an easy method, you can create your own yoni soap and experience the benefits for yourself!