Yonanas Recipes, Letting Imagination Take the Lead
Yonanas is an incredibly delicious and healthy way to indulge your sweet tooth while getting some of the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. This amazing machine takes frozen fruit and vegetables, blends them together and creates a creamy, sweet and customized ice cream-like treat. Yonanas is an excellent tool for inventing delicious and healthy treats. It’s a fantastic way to let your imagination take the lead and get creative with your recipes.

The Yonanas machine is easy to use and can easily be used to churn out delicious creations with minimal effort. To create a Yonanas treat, all you have to do is add ingredients, press a button and enjoy. Yonanas recipes can range from classic combinations to more creative concoctions. The options are literally endless, since you’re able to add whatever flavors and ingredients you’d like to your Yonanas mixture.

Yonanas recipes can be very simple with two or three ingredients or you can let your imaginaton run wild and add as many flavors and ingredients as you’d like. You can create your own creations, or take inspiration from some of these classic recipes. No matter what you choose, the finished product is sure to be delicious.

Chocolate and Banana Yonanas Recipe

This chocolate and banana Yonanas treat is simple but wonderfully delicious.


– 1 banana
– 2 pitted dates
– 1 tablespoon cacao powder


1. Peel and slice the banana into small chunks before freezing.
2. End the pitted dates in the freezer.
3. Place the frozen banana and dates into the Yonanas machine and press down until the ingredients get smoothly blended together.
4. Add in the cacao powder and blend into the mixture until it is completely incorporated.

5. Serve in a bowl or cone, and garnish with your favorite topping. Enjoy!

Strawberry-Kiwi Yonanas Recipe

This strawberry-kiwi Yonanas treat is packed with amazing fruity flavors.


– 1 banana
– 1 kiwi
– 5 strawberries
– 1 teaspoon of honey


1. Peel and slice the banana, strawberry and kiwi into chunks before freezing.
2. Place the frozen banana, strawberry, and kiwi into the Yonanas machine and press down until the ingredients are smoothly blended together.
3. Add in the honey and mix into the mixture until its completely incorporated.

4. Serve in a bowl or cone, and top with coconut flakes or crunchy cereal. Enjoy!