An Introduction to Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue is a popular and beloved Vietnamese dish originating in the city of Hue. It is a type of spicy noodle soup made with beef or pork, noodles, pork-stock and chili oil. Bun Bo Hue is a common lunch or dinner dish that is enjoyed by Vietnamese locals and tourists alike.

The soup itself is distinguished by its distinct red hue that comes from the combination of the pork stock and chili oil. This combination creates a spicy and flavorful soup that is refreshing and warming to the senses. Bun Bo Hue is served with a variety of accompaniments that include mint, garlic chives, bean sprouts, lime, and cilantro. These accompaniments complement the spicy and savory flavors of Bun Bo Hue, creating a unique and delicious dish.

For those looking to try their hand at making Bun Bo Hue at home, it is relatively simple and easy to do. Here is a recipe that yields approximately 6 servings of this delicious Vietnamese soup.

Recipe: Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue


-1 pound of beef or pork
-1 package of Bun Bo Hue noodles
-2 tablespoons of fish sauce
-2 tablespoons of lime juice
-2 tablespoons of sesame oil
-2 tablespoons of sugar
-1 tablespoons of chili oil
-4-6 cups of pork stock
-4 cloves of garlic, minced
-1 teaspoon of ginger, minced
-1 onion, finely chopped


1. Cook the beef or pork in a large pot on medium heat until it is cooked through.

2. Add the pork stock, minced garlic, ginger, onion, fish sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, chili oil and sugar to the pot. Bring the pot to a boil, reduce to a simmer and let cook for 15 minutes.

3. Add the noodles to the pot and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

4. Serve the soup in individual bowls with accompaniments such as mint, garlic chives, bean sprouts, lime, and cilantro. Enjoy!