-3/4  cup milk/water (*I used soy milk) – 1 tsp salt -1 Tbsp oil – 2 Tbsp ground flaxseeds + 5 Tbsp water – extra flour for kneading -250 g cooked seitan (see the original post with the recipe) -1 onion, finely chopped

-1 cup cooked adzuki (*you can use any beans of your choice. I think that chickpeas would taste great here)

– Breadcrumbs (*I used garlic and parsley flavored breadcrumbs) -A few Tbsp of non dairy milk

-salt and black pepper to taste

Dough Mix the ground flaxseeds with the water. Add the milk and oil. Set aside. Now mix the dry ingredients: the flours and the salt. Make a hole in the middle and add the wet mix with flaxseeds, milk and oil, mixing with a spoon. The dough must be firm enough to handle it but not too much, because you will add more flour while kneading it.

Knead it very well on a floured surface. If it sticks too much, don’t fear adding flour on the surface and on your hands every time. To prevent from adding too much flour, add some vegetable oil on your hands: the dough will stick less to your hands and it will become more elastic. Knead it until it doesn’t stick to your hands and it is elastic enough to roll it easily. Leave it to stand while you make the filling

Filling Put the cooked seitan in the food processor, and pulse for a minute or so: it must ground, but you don’t want a seitan powder. It must have some texture. Mix it with the finely chopped onion in a bowl. Add the cooked beans (adzuki beans in my case) and mix again.

Take 1/3 of the mixture and put it in the food processor again, adding a few Tbsp of milk, and a Tbsp or two of breadcrumbs. Process again, until it becomes a paste. Add salt (if necessary) and black pepper to taste. Return it to the bowl with the rest of the filling. That will give extra moistness to the mix, and it will hold better.

Assembling Divide the dough in 4 or 5 parts and make a ball of each. Roll the dough: it should have more or less the thickness of a pasty. Sprinkle some flour on a plate, and put the pelmenis as you make them. With the help of glass make circles of it. Put about 1tbsp of the filling in each circle, and close the borders. Cut the remaining dough of that borders with a glass (see photo below). It also helps to close them better.

Now, you can freeze or cook them. Cook them as you would cook raviolis or any other pasta: put them in boiling, salted water. There must be enough liquid so they don’t touch (take in account that they will increase in size after cooked) or stick together. Cook them for about 5 min after they come to the surface. They keep very well in the freezer.

Recipe posted in Tales of a Spoon. You can see the full post (recipe + story) with this recipe and a recipe for  “beefy seitan”.