Ingredients and Supplies

-1 Jar (with lid)
-1 Teaspoon Anise (For Blessing)
-1 Teaspoon Allspice (For Protection)
-1 Teaspoon Eucalyptus (For Purification)
-1 Teaspoon Rose Petals (For Passion)
-1 Teaspoon Sandalwood (For Strength)
-1 Teaspoon White Sage (For Clarity)
-Matches or lighter
-Cotton swab
-Bowl for the Herbs


1. Begin by mixing all of the herbs together in the bowl.
2. Sacrifice a piece of paper and burn it in the burning bowl.
3. Take your jar and use the cotton swab to put a small amount of burning herbs in the jar as you say a prayer.
4. Close the jar and put it in a safe place.
5. Whenever you need a transformation spell, open the jar and light the herbs in the jar while you visualize your desired outcome. Hold the jar open away from you until the herbs have burned out.
6. Once the herbs have burned down, blow out the flame and tightly close the jar when the flame is out.
7. Dispose of the ashes and herbs any way you please.