Steven Raichlen is one of the most celebrated and recognizable culinary experts in the world. He is a cookbook author, a four-time James Beard Award winner, host of the award-winning television cooking show Project Smoke, and the founder of Barbecue University®. Raichlen has written countless cookbooks, articles, and recipes that blend traditional barbecue techniques with global flavors, helping home cooks to create rich, flavorful dishes.

Raichlen’s recipes take on a variety of cookout favorites and global flavors. His cookbooks focus on American barbecue, and range from traditional takes on prime rib and ribs to adventurous dishes like smoked bacon jam and beer-brined poultry. He also has recipe books devoted solely to pork, steaks, and burgers. Additionally, Raichlen’s recipes incorporate global flavors, from Vietnamese lemongrass skewers to spicy Korean pork burger with ssamjang mayonnaise.

His recipes are designed to make outdoor cooking easier, more efficient, and more delicious. From the well-known classics like his Smoked Barbecued Ribs to modern interpretations like his Fire-Roasted Cuban Pizza, Raichlen puts his mark on every recipe. He was one of the first barbecue experts to bring wood-fired cookery to the backyard, and although he prefers old-school recipes, his extensive experience also includes modern cooking techniques like sous vide and using a laser thermometer.

Raichlen’s recipes are known for their approachability, and they often feature helpful tips that demystify barbecue methods like smoking and live-fire cooking. His recipes are great for the experienced griller or smoker but they are equally helpful for those new to grilled and smoked foods. Many of his recipes include detailed instructions and notes on how to get the desired result, whether its a perfectly-smoked brisket or a flavorful Asian-Style Barbeque Grill-Roasted Salmon.

Raichlen’s recipes have been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, and cookbooks, from Bon Appétit and Food & Wine to Men’s Health and the New York Times. And currently, Raichlen’s recipes are regularly featured in his books, Project Smoke and Planet Barbecue. From summertime burgers to fiery Korean-style short ribs, Raichlen’s recipes cater to all levels of grill masters. So, if you’re looking for delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, check out Steven Raichlen’s work—you won’t be disappointed.