The Power of a Spell Jar

The power of spell jars has been used for centuries as a way of amplifying magical energy and connecting to unseen powers. Spell jars are in essence, containers of powerful intention and energy, a stored spell. They are a powerful form of spellcraft, but are not just limited to calling out on or manipulating the magical or spiritual forces. There is potential for a spell jar to be used to both influence and serve as a medium for a variety of life situations.

Spell jars can be used for manifesting in areas such as love, money, health, career, and protection. They are a great way to refine your focus, increase the power of your words and intention, and create a powerful sense of confidence and belief in yourself, your goals and your desires. Spell jars are also useful and important for protection. By using protective herbs and symbology to ward off negative energy and influences, they provide a powerful barrier of protection against any person or force that might wish to do you harm, or have a negative effect on your life.

However, one must be aware of the implications that come with using a spell jar, as it is a powerful tool that should be used with caution and respect. When crafting a spell jar, it’s important to have a well-described intention. All of the contents of the spell jar should correspond to the intention that you are trying to manifest. The intention should be carried throughout the practice of creating your spell jar, but once your jar is completed, store it in a safe place and do not disturb it until your intention is fulfilled.

Basic Spell Jar Recipe

Below is a basic spell jar recipe that can be used for any intention. This recipe serves as a basic foundation for crafting your own individual spell jar, which you can customize as desired to better focus and refine your intention.


  • Small mason jar
  • Metals pieces associated with the intention of your spell jar, such as coins, rings, or amulets
  • Crystals associated with the intention of your spell jar
  • Herbs associated with the intention of your spell jar
  • Sea salt
  • Essential oils associated with the intention of your spell jar
  • Paper with a note describing your intention (optional)


  1. Start by cleaning your mason jar and metals pieces with sea salt. This will help to clear out any energy around the items and make sure that your spell jar is pure and charged with your desired intention only.
  2. Next, prepare your symbols, starting with the least dense item first. Place your herbs, crystals, and metals at the bottom of the jar, and don’t forget to add your paper with the intention written on it.
  3. Next, pour in your essential oils on the top of the jar, making sure to close the lid of the jar before shaking it.
  4. Lastly, close the jar and dedicate it with a short spell or chant of your own, or say a prayer blessing it for its specific purpose.


With the use of a spell jar and a simple recipe, you can tap into the power of magic and connect to the unseen forces and energies around us. They can help us manifest our desires and protect us from harm, but remember to always use these powerful tools responsibly and with caution, as the energy amplified through a spell jar can have unpredictable and far-reaching consequences.