Spell Jar Ingredients

Do you believe in the power of intention? If so, have you ever tried a spell jar? Spell jars are created with intention as a tool for manifesting what you seek in life. They can also be powerful for releasing negative energy, promoting healing, and connecting with your spirituality.

When crafting a spell jar, many of the same supplies are used though you can often find vast variations to cater to specific needs depending on your intention and recipes shared through generations. Here are five of the most common supplies for making a spell jar:

1. Herbs

Herbs are often used in spell jars as they can add energy and represent certain connections to the deities you are honoring or the intentions you are manifesting. Common ingredients include lavender, chamomile, rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, and basil.

2. Oils and Essential Oils

Certain oils can be used to bring energy, protection or clarity to your spell jar. For example, oils with protective qualities such as frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood are perfect for when your intention is to protect someone or something. Essential oils are also used often for their aroma, cleansing and purifying properties as well as for their association with specific deities.

3. Stones, Crystals, and Minerals

Crystals, stones and minerals are used in spell jars for their healing and protective properties. Each type of crystal has a special energy vibration, color, and meaning so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your purpose. Popular choices include rose quartz and selenite for love, amethyst for healing, and fluorite for protection.

4. Candles

Lighting a candle while crafting your spell jar is a powerful way to access the sacred energy of the spell. Candles are also often used to set your intention as you focus your energy and connect with the divine. Wax colors like white, green, and yellow can be used to represent certain intentions, like prosperity, healing, or mental clarity.

5. Symbols, Letters or Symbolic Items

Symbols, letters, or small symbolic items are added to the spell jar to identify what you are asking for, and to instill the energy of your intentions into the jar. Symbols like runes, sigils, and sacred symbols can be used, and symbolic items such as coins for abundance, shells for wisdom, and feathers for guidance.

Crafting a spell jar is a powerful ritual that can bring more balance and inner peace into your life.

Below is a recipe for a Prosperity Spell Jar:

Prosperity Spell Jar Recipe


-Fluorite for protection and clarity
-Aventurine for prosperity and abundance
-Pine needles for luck
-Green peppermint leaves for monetary success
-Clove for abundance
-Cinnamon for success
-Orange essential oil for vibrancy
-Gold coins or Pyramid shape paper cutouts
-White or Green Candles


-Cleanse your space and tools.
-Fill the jar halfway with the herbs and crystals.
-Pour the essential oil on the stones and herbs.
-Add the coins or small pyramid shapes at the top.
-Light the candles and focus on your intention for prosperity. Visualize your manifestations as you close your spell jar.
-Seal the jar with the lid, and store in an area of your home that you will see often.
-Visualize your goals coming true each time you walk by the jar or even hold it on your hands.