Spanish Omelette Recipe

Originating from the Spanish cuisine, the Spanish omelette is a classic and beloved dish that is found in most homes around the world. It is an exceptionally easy dish to make, and only requires a few simple ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. The Spanish omelette is incredibly delicious, and is bursting with flavor. Whether you enjoy this dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is sure to become a family favorite.


– 8 eggs
– ½ cup of olive oil
– ½ teaspoon of salt
– 1 onion, chopped
– 2 potatoes, peeled and diced


1. Begin by heating the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

2. Add the onion and potatoes to the skillet and cook until the potatoes are softened, about 8 minutes.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs and salt until they are well combined.

4. Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and onions in the skillet and stir everything together.

5. Cook until the omelette is firm, about 5 minutes.

6. Flip the omelette over and cook for an additional 3 minutes.

7. Serve and enjoy!