Sour Jar Spell

Sour Jar Spells are a powerful form of sympathetic magic, and a great tool to get rid of negative energy, transform it into positive energy, or to send back to those who have hurt you. This spell is often combined with candle magic and is great for jinxes, hexes, and curses. It’s great for situations where you feel like there is emotional and/or energetic manipulation or exploitation.

Sour Jar Spells usually use the element of vinegar, which symbolizes sour and extreme emotional reactions. Vinegar is acidic and sharp in nature, and helps to cut away any negative, unwanted energies in the atmosphere. Sour Jar Spells also often incorporates spices such as mustard, chili pepper, cayenne, black pepper, and red pepper, which not only represent stagnant energy and empower the effectiveness of the spell, but also give a spicy kick to the jar that has a potent effect. The herbs in the spell also represent balance and peace.

To create your Sour Jar Spell, you’ll need the following ingredients:


-1 jar with a lid
-Spices (e.g. mustard, chili pepper, cayenne, black pepper, and red pepper)
-Herbs (e.g. bay leaves, rosemary, sage, basil, and lavender)


1. Take your jar and fill it halfway with vinegar.
2. Add a few pinches of your chosen spices, incorporating them with the vinegar.
3. Place your herbs in the jar and fill the remaining space with vinegar.
4. Seal the jar and shake it vigorously to mix the ingredients and activate the spell.
5. You can now use your jar as a tool to transfer negative energy away from you, or to send it back to your enemy.
6. To use your Sour Jar Spell, place it in an area of your home where the negative energy can be dissipated. Alternatively, you can keep it with you and hold it whenever you need to transform negative emotions or cut away unwanted attachments.
7. Once your spell is complete, you can dispose of it or keep it as a reminder of your effort to rid yourself of negative energy.

The Sour Jar Spell is a potent way to rid yourself of any unwanted energy, diffuse a difficult situation, or send your energy back to those who have hurt you. With a little practice, you will be able to craft powerful magickal tools to help you on your journey.