Souped up recipes—recipes that take classic favorites, like mac and cheese or fried chicken, and give them a decadent twist—are all the rage these days. Not only can these recipes be found on countless cooking blogs and in cookbooks all around the world, but they’re also being featured in the Food Network’s cooking challenge shows and magazine articles. These delectable dishes combine homey comforts with luxurious gourmet ingredients, making them a hit with both foodies and casual cooks alike. So, what exactly is a souped up recipe, and how can you make your own at home? Let’s take a closer look.

A souped up recipe is one in which a classic favorite is taken and given an extra layer of flavor and texture. This could mean anything from adding an extra cheese to a classic mac and cheese dish, stuffing the middle of a fried chicken cutlet with a light cream cheese and spinach filling, or topping a pizza with exotic ingredients like truffle oil and duck confit. The idea is to bring elements of gourmet cooking into your everyday dish and elevate it from “good” to “excellent”.

There are many ways to get started creating a souped up recipe for yourself. You can start by simply thinking about the ingredients you like and how you might like to combine them. For example, a cheese lover might want to add an extra layer of flavor to a classic mac and cheese by adding a few crumble of blue cheese and a sprinkle of crisp bacon bits on top. Or maybe you’d like to create some extra crunch to a fried chicken cutlet by stuffing it with a thin layer of cream cheese, some spinach, and a few slices of crispy bacon. No matter what flavors you decide to incorporate, having an open mind and trying out different combinations can really make a world of difference.

In terms of presentation, can make an ordinary dish look and taste extraordinary. Everything from adding an elegant twist to the presentation of a dish, to blending colors and flavors for maximum impact can turn a regular dish into a stunner. Using ingredients like fresh herbs, flaky sea salt, or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over a dish can also take your ordinary dish up a notch.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the internet is full of amazing . From creamy mashed potatoes loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese, to stuffed pork tenderloin with a honey and dijon mustard glaze, you’ll be sure to find something that absolutely perfect for your next dinner party. There are also plenty of cookbooks devoted solely to , so you can also find plenty of ideas in those.

Ultimately, with a few simple ingredients and creative combinations, you can take almost any dish and make it more exciting. So next time you’re in the kitchen, consider adding a extra layer of flavor and texture to your next meal. Be brave, be creative, and enjoy your souped up recipe!