Shulker Box Recipe

The Shulker Box is a favorite recipe among Minecraft enthusiasts, allowing them to store and transport items safely. Traditionally crafted out of Shulker Shells, this recipe adds a few more ingredients to make it even more scrumptious.


• 3 Shulker Shells

• ½ cup of Gravel

• 1 Iron Ingot

• 2 Ghast Tears

• 1 Eye of Ender


1. Begin by right clicking on the ground in the direction you’d like to construct your box.

2. Place the three Shulker Shells into the slots one at a time, pressing ‘E’ to open them before placing them each in.

3. Add the Ghast Tears by simply clicking them into the center of the block once the shell is closed.

4. Place the Iron Ingot in the middle of the block, then close with the final shulker shell.

5. Next, add the gravel outside of the shell. This will be the first layer of insulation for your Shulker Box.

6. Finish the box off by adding an Eye of Ender on top of the gravel.

7. Once all of the items are in place, right click to craft your Shulker Box and admire your handy work.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and store items safely in your new Shulker Box!