Welcome to your home kitchen’s newest culinary adventure: Ruby Chocolate. The newest addition to the array of chocolate varieties, this ruby-colored beauty delivers intense flavor and an enigmatic experience.

An Unusual Experience – Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate is unlike anything else in the category of cocoa-based desserts. It stands out in both color and flavor, with a unique berry-like taste that’s tart yet sweet at the same time. It’s been described as possessing a “fruity, sour, and slightly sweet taste.” And with a beautiful red color all its own, it’s sure to impress.

This relatively new type of chocolate was developed in 2017 by Barry Callebaut, and has recently started hitting markets around the world. While the exact recipe for producing Ruby chocolate remains a secret, it is said to be made from specially processed cocoa beans that were discovered several years ago.

Amazing Ingredients

This recipe requires only two ingredients – white chocolate, and ruby chocolate. Both are found in most supermarkets and specialty stores or can be purchased online.

Simple Preparation Method

To make this amazing Ruby Chocolate dessert, simply melt the white chocolate and ruby chocolate together in a double boiler or, you can use a microwave oven.

Once melted, pour the mixture into a bowl or a silicone mold and let cool at room temperature until set.

You can enjoy your Ruby Chocolate treat as is or, explore its unique flavor further, by adding it to your favorite baked goods or pairing it with fresh fruit.

Experience a Mysterious Flavor

Ruby Chocolate is truly special – an intriguing and tantalizing flavor that’s as mysterious and unexpected as the color red. If you’re looking for something new to try in the kitchen, this is definitely your new go-to treat. Enjoy!