The Renewal of Strength Spell Jar is a simple craft and spell-working project that helps to bring restorative energy into one’s life. The jar is made using an 8 oz. glass jar, a candle, items to represent vitality or health, and essential oils. First, the candle is lit and used to fill the jar with a warm, protective energy. Then, one adds items of one’s choosing, such as herbs, crystals, or protective symbols. Essential oils are added last, and they can be chosen based on their healing properties. Finally, the jar is sealed and can be placed near one’s bed or kept on their altar or desk. This spell is meant to replenish and renew the body, mind, and spirit so that its keeper can find peace and strength.  


-1/2 cup Salt
-2 Teaspoons Rosemary
-1 Teaspoon Orange Peel
-1 Teaspoon Lavender
-2 Teaspoons dried Mint
-1 Teaspoon Sage
-1 Teaspoon Clove
-2 Teaspoons Rose Petals
-1 Glass Jar (8oz)
-1 White Candle


1. Start by setting the mood. Light a white candle and some incense, and focus on the goal of the spell: to invite in a renewed sense of strength.

2. Mix together the salt, rosemary, orange peel, lavender, mint, sage, and clove in a small bowl.

3. Once combined, fill the glass jar with the mixture up to about 1/4 of the way.

4. On top of this layer, add the rose petals.

5. Next, focus on your intent and the energy of the spell. When you feel ready, light the white candle and use it to seal the contents of the jar, dripping a little melted wax into the jar.

6. As you do this, imagine your strength becoming renewed and accessible to you.

7. Finally, put the lid of the jar securely and store it in a safe place.


-Repeat this ritual and spell jar as often as needed to get the most of its effects.
-This renewal of strength spell can also be done during the new moon for an added result.