Dynamite Arrow

Adding dynamite arrows to your arsenal in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) can make all the difference in the Wild West. From taking out several enemies from afar to blowing up sections of a fort wall, the tactical dynamite arrow is a powerful and versatile tool.

Ingredients & Materials Needed

Arrow: You can craft arrows using the menu or find them on the field.

Gunpowder: You can craft gunpowder at the camp or buy it from the shop.

Thin Fuse: You can buy these at the shop for a few cents.


1. Craft an arrow at the weapons menu in the game.

2. Combine gunpowder and thin fuse in the weapon crafting menu. The resulting item is known as an explosive cartridge.

3. Put the explosive cartridge on the arrow. It should fit nicely into the notch.

4. Use the arrow as you would any other, targeting inanimate objects for the greatest effect. It should explode upon contact.