– 1 mason jar
– Sea Salt
– Eucalyptus leaves
– Sandalwood
– Rosemary
– Cedar
– Lavender
– Water


1. Begin the spell by cleaning the mason jar with the sea salt and water.

2. Dry the jar with a towel and place it on your sacred space or altar.

3. Begin to add the ingredients in the following order, one at a time: Eucalyptus leaves, sandalwood, rosemary, cedar, and lavender.

4. After each ingredient is added, focus your energy on it and set your intentions. Visualize and verbalize your intentions around the jar.

5. Once all the ingredients are added, fill the jar with water.

6. Make sure the water completely covers the ingredients and replace the lid on the jar.

7. Shake the jar for a few seconds and continue setting intentions, visualizations and verbalizations.

8. Place the psychic protection jar in an area that allows the energy of the spell to work uninterrupted.

9. Visualize, feel, and express gratitude to finish your spell.

10. Recharging the spell periodically.

Enjoy your psychic protection jar!