Protection Spell Jar

Protection spell jars, also referred to as witch bottles or jar spells, are an ancient magical practice to protect yourself, your home, and all that you love. These protective jars are surprisingly easy to make and provide a powerful form of magical protection.

Protection spell jars are traditionally filled with natural and often readily available ingredients – such as herbs, spices, roots, shells, stones, and more – and spell-cast throughout with intentions of banishing and protecting. Protection spell jars can vary greatly, depending on the base ingredients, the type or type of spell you’re looking to create, and even the jar or bottle you use.

When creating a protection spell jar, remember that intentions are essential. Know exactly what you want to protect and how you want to protect it. A positive outlook and attitude is also key – these spells may take time to manifest and less powerful if they are rooted in fear, doubt, or anxiety.

Here is a simple protection spell jar recipe that require no supplies other than the ingredients and a jar.


-1 teaspoon Salt
-3 Cloves
-3 Allspice Berries
-1 Quart Jar


1) Begin by cleaning the jar with salt water. Close the lid of the jar and shake the salt water vigorously for several minutes, then pour it out.
2) Fill the jar with the ingredients and close the lid.
3) Place the jar in a safe place such as a windowsill or on a shelf.
4) Focus on the universe and recite a protection spell of your own crafting.
5) Visualize a powerful white light surrounding the jar and protecting it from all harm.
6) Allow the protection spell to take effect and be assured that you, your home, and all that you love are safe.

The ingredients of this protection spell jar can easily be changed depending on your specific needs and the jar can be decorated in a variety of ways. These powerful jars of protection provide a sense of assurance and security and can be tailored to whatever your intentions may be.

Happy spell casting!