Protection Spell Jar Recipe

Spell jars can be used to focus and channel magical energy in powerful ways. Making a protection spell jar is a great way to protect yourself and your belongings from harm. This easy-to-make spell jar combines salt, herbs, and other protective ingredients to create a powerful charm to protect against negative energy. Here’s how to make it:


-1/2 cup Mason jar
-1 tablespoon of sea salt
-2 tablespoons of protection herbs
(ex. rosemary, thyme, sage, or lavender)
-A few drops of frankincense oil
-Citrine crystal


1. Start by filling your Mason jar with the salt. Make sure this is the first layer in the jar.

2. Next, sprinkle in the protection herbs of your choice. You can either use a single herb or a combination.

3. Add a few drops of frankincense oil on top of the herbs. This will help to further strengthen the protective properties of the jar.

4. Place the citrine crystal in the jar. This crystal is believed to absorb and filter negative energy and is often used in energy protection and healing.

5. Once you’ve added all of your ingredients to the jar, you’re almost done. Place the lid on your jar and seal it tightly.

6. Finally, you can place the jar somewhere in your home or garden. When you feel like you need extra protection, you can hold the jar in your hands or place it somewhere it can absorb and filter away any negative energy.

Using a protection spell jar is a great way to guard against any negative energy or intruders. With its combination of salt, herbs, and crystals, this charm is sure to keep you and your belongings safe from harm.