Protection Jar Spell

Spells and rituals are a great way to manifest the protection of that which we hold most dear, such as our home and our family. One method that has been used throughout time is known as a Protection Jar Spell. This spell is an excellent way to create powerful protection around the objects, people, and places which need it most.

A Protection Jar Spell involves using the power of items, symbols, and words to craft a protective field around an object, person, or place. The items can be anything, but usually involve herbs, personal belongings, candles, and symbols, like runes. All of these items are placed inside a bowl or jar and bound with words as the jar is sealed.

The contents and words of the jar can be tailored to each individual’s needs, and changed as needed. ‘As above, So below’ is a popular phrase used in Spells, and here is no exception. Write out your own intentions and needs on a piece of paper, and take the time to visualize the outcome of the spell. Place that paper into the protection jar and affix a sealing stone or pentacle to the lid. It is important to anoint the outside of the jar with healing or protection oil to give the spell its final layer of power.



Any size jar or bowl you feel works for your needs.


Choose items that create a field of protection, such as herbs, candles, personal belongings, and symbols.


Write out your intentions and needs on a piece of paper.

Sealing stone/pentacle:

Choose a stone or pentacle to seal it with to represent protection.

Healing or protection oil:

Choose a healing or protection oil to give the spell its final layer of power.


1. Gathering the items:

Gather all the items you will be putting into the jar, such as salt, candle, herbs, pentacle, paper with your words, and sealing stone.

2. Setting Intentions:

Take the time to set your intentions for the Protection Jar Spell. Visualize the outcome for this spell and write it down on the paper.

3. Filling the jar:

Place all of the items into the protection jar and then place the paper with your intentions on top.

4. Sealing the jar:

Place the sealing stone or pentacle on the lid. Anoint the lid with a healing or protection oil, and then seal the lid of the jar.

5. Placing the jar:

The final step is to choose a place to keep your jar. This can be anywhere that you feel it will have the most effect – either on the object, person, or place.

The Protection Jar Spell is an easy and powerful way to manifest protection for you, your home, and your family. Through the use of symbols, items, and words, you can form a powerful protective shield over whatever you may need.