An Epic Pineapple Snowball Cake – A Sweet and Refreshing Treat

Nothing beats a sweet and refreshing treat to cool down on a hot summer day. And when it comes to dessert, you won’t find a better one than the Pineapple Snowball Cake. It has all the distinctive flavor of pineapple and the light, airy texture of a snowball.


-2 round angel food cakes*
-2 cans crushed pineapple in juice
-1 package (3 ounce) vanilla instant pudding mix, prepared
-1 cup all-purpose whipped cream
-2 tablespoons sugar
-Pineapple slices, for decoration


1. Preheat the oven to 375°F and prepare two round 9-inch angel food cake pans.
2. Slice the angel food cake into two layers; set aside.
3. In a medium bowl, mix together the crushed pineapple and vanilla pudding mix.
4. Spread the pineapple mixture evenly over the bottom layer of the cake in the pans.
5. Place the remaining layer of cake over the pineapple.
6. In a medium bowl, beat the whipping cream until stiff peaks form.
7. Spread the whipped cream over the top layer of the cake in the pans.
8. Sprinkle the cake with the sugar.
9. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the edges of the cake turn golden brown.
10. Let the cakes cool completely before serving.
11. Garnish with pineapple slices if desired.

A Refreshing Treat with a Tropical Flair

This Pineapple Snowball Cake is a delicious combination of pineapple, angel food cake, and sweet whipped cream. It has all the flavors of the tropics, with a refreshingly light and airy texture. It’s like a bite of heaven in every spoonful.

The delicate flavor of the angel food cake compliments the sweetness of the pineapple, and the addition of whipped cream gives it an exquisite classic touch. It’s a classic summer dessert that will have everyone begging you for the recipe.

The best part of this amazing dessert is that it’s effortless to make. In less than an hour, you can bring the tropical flair of the islands right into your kitchen.

So don’t wait to give this amazing Pineapple Snowball Cake a try! Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re looking for a crowd pleaser to make your next event memorable, this cake is the perfect treat.