Spicy Okra Salad: Refreshing, Easy to Make and Bursting with Flavor

Okra is a beloved vegetable across the world, enjoyed for its nutritious and soothing qualities. Okra salad is a delightful way to enjoy this delicious vegetable, as it is both light and flavorful. With its pleasant buttery texture, okra is perfect for added crunch and a touch of spice in a salad.

I remember when I first tried okra salad. It was at a street fair, one of those delicious street snacks that you find here and there in the Middle East. The combination of the crunch of the okra, the ripe tomatoes, the onions and the sweetness of the lemon juice created a wonderfully balanced taste.

This okra salad uses simple ingredients, but they create an enviable flavor and texture. There’s a little bit of heat with some chili powder, a hint of sweetness with some maple syrup, and some zesty aromas with the oregano. The crusty okra is a great partner for the creamy feta. Balancing the flavors are juicy tomatoes and sliced onions, and then the lemon vinaigrette ties everything together.

The recipe is perfect for a light lunch or dinner. It’s vegan, gluten free, and comes together in just a few minutes! I think it would also be a great side dish for dinner parties. Serve the salad up with some rustic bread, and you’ve got an easy-to-make but flavorful dinner.


-Half a pound of okra
– Half a red onion
– Half a pint of cherry tomatoes
– Two tablespoons of olive oil
– Juice of 1 lemon
– One tablespoon of maple syrup
– One teaspoon of chili powder
– One teaspoon of oregano
– Salt to taste
– Three tablespoons of feta


-Cut the okra into half-inch pieces
-Chop the red onion and cherry tomatoes
-Mix the olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, chili powder, oregano and salt in a small bowl and stir until fully combined
-Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the okra and cook until it starts to crisp, about 5 minutes
-Add the cherry tomatoes and cook for another minute
-Toss the okra, cherry tomatoes and red onion together in a large bowl.
-Pour the dressing over the salad, add the feta, and gently mix everything together
-Enjoy your spicy okra salad!

Okra salad is a lovely, light dish that tastes salty, spicy and sweet all at the same time. It’s easy to make, nutritious and full of vibrant flavors. Whatever your dietary preference, it’s certain that you’ll love the balance of flavors in this delicious vegetarian okra salad.