Manifesting Mind Power Spell Jar

Have you been struggling to manifest the life that you dream of? Creating a mind power spell jar can be a powerful and helpful way to create the life that you have been dreaming of. It is a simple ritual that can help you to focus, manifest and amplify your creative powers of manifestation and provide direction for your future.

What is a Mind Power Spell Jar?

A Mind Power Spell Jar is a mason jar or glass container filled with various items that have the power to hold intention and focus the energy and manifestation of your desired outcome. You can use items like spices and herbs, crystals, flowers, glitter, or other objects that you feel called to use – anything that brings you joy is perfect!

Each item chosen for the jar will add a particular energy and will be used to focus your intention and manifest your goal. For example, you may include rosemary as a representation of love and clarity, or blue glitter to represent the peace and calmness that you seek.

How to Make Mind Power Spell Jar

Making a Mind Power Spell Jar is a simple and easy ritual that anyone can do with the right items and a little creativity! Here’s what you’ll need:


• A mason jar or glass container

• Your chosen items

• Glue (optional)

• Colorful paper (optional)


1. Begin by gathering all of the items you plan to include in your spell jar.
2. After you’ve gathered the items, take a moment to sit in silence and plan out the energy you want the jar to embody.
3. Once you’ve determined the energy, add the chosen items to the jar.
4. (Optional) If you would like, you can write down your intentions for the jar and glue the paper to the inside or outside of the jar.
5. When all of the items are added to the jar, seal it with the lid and take a few minutes to focus and visualize your desired outcome.
6. Place the jar in an area you will see often, so it will be a reminder of your intention.


Creating a Mind Power Spell Jar is a powerful and meaningful ritual to help you focus and manifest the life you desire. With just a few simple items, you can create a powerful tool to set your intentions. So tap into your creativity and create your own Mind Power Spell Jar today!