Milk and Molasses Enema Recipe

Enemas are a therapeutic treatment used to flush out your colon and promote improved digestion and regularity. The use of milk and molasses for an enema is relatively new compared to other enema ingredients. The content of these two ingredients may help to create a protective coating on the mucous membrane of the colon and carry medicinal properties.


– 2-4 teaspoons of molasses
– 1 quart warm or room-temperature filtered water
– 1/2 cup of goat or cow’s milk


1. Begin heating up the filtered water until it is slightly warm. Do not use hot water, as this may cause damage to your colon mucous membrane.

2. Prepare the enema bucket with the filtered water and the milk.

3. Add the molasses to the bucket and gently stir until they are both combined.

4. Attach the enema tube and nozzle to the bucket and gently insert the nozzle into your rectum.

5. Slowly start a slow flow of the mixture into your rectum and hold it in the colon for 15-20 minutes.

6. Empty the effectedSolution into a toilet and repeat the same process.

7. Once finished, take a shower with a mild soap and warm water.

Following this milk and molasses enema recipe should help create a protective coating of the mucous membrane and help promote improved digestion and regularity. However, as always, if you feel any discomfort or have any side effects that are not normal, please stop the process. Also feel free to reach out to your health professional for any more questions or concerns.