8 thinly sliced beef steaks, medium sized (approx. 1/2 kilo)3 eggs, beaten with a little salt1 teaspoon chopped garlic and parsley mixture2 cups bread crumbsoil for frying, salt and pepper to taste1 lemon, sliced or in wedges

Season thinly sliced beef steaks with salt and pepper to taste, then pound them with a meat mallet over a kitchen board to bring them to about the same thickness. Mix eggs with garlic and parsley mixture. Dip steaks in egg, dedge with bread crums, pat and press to fix crums onto steak, and fry in hot oil. As soon as browned lay on absorbent paper ad keep warm. Take to the table along with lemos wedges or lemon slices, serve with fried potatoes or fried sweet potatoes, any mashed vegetables, sauteed vegetables or a fresh salad. http://www.opensourcefood.com/people/leandrotoscano/recipes/milanesas-breaded-steak