-1 Red or Pink Candle

-Parchment or paper



-Nail & Hammer

-Herbs, Stones or Symbols


1. Begin by taking the time to think deeply about the qualities, values and intentions you want to contribute to your marriage and write those down on the parchment or paper.

2. Write your names and your marriage intentions on the parchment or paper for individual parts of your marriage.

3. Take the nail and hammer and make a small hole in the lid of the jar.

4. Place the parchment paper in the jar.

5. Place the herbs, stones or symbols in the jar.

6. Light the red or pink candle and hold it above the jar, state your intentions for the marriage in your own voice.

7. Place the lid on the jar and place it somewhere special, like a shelf facing East.

8. Allow the candle to burn out and leave it in place.

9. Repeat the above steps once to twice a week until the marriage intentions manifest.


-Be specific with your intentions, clear and concise.

-The items you choose to place in the jar should relate to the intention you have set.

-Make sure the jar is stored away safely in your own secure space.