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Luscious Lemon Squares

This has become my go to recipe for lemon squares and once you try it you will understand why.

Originally by Betty Crocker I have adapted it to the point where I think it is just perfect. Even better than Donna Hayes recipe. I love it when my recipes turn out better than those of celebrity chefs.

The original recipe called for bottled lemon juice but I urge people to use fresh as it genuinely tastes better. Never use less than 3 tbsp either unless you are leaving the grated lemon peel out in which case you should go for 4 or more but I strongly recommend you use the peel. It is also worth mentioning that you should  only use the yellow part of the lemon skin.  

Lemons are loaded with anti oxidants and as little as half a cup of fresh lemon juice revitalizes both your body and your mind. Lemons support the immune system, are rich in vitam C and are fantastic for your digestive system and repairing damaged skin. Lemons freshen your breath, reduce your appetite and cleanse your urinary tract.

There are even more health benifits to fresh lemons and if you need convincing then do a little research of your own.

Back to the recipe. These lemon squares are rich and gooey just like when my mother made them as a kid and are a delicious treat in any weather. For something different try mixing 1/2 cup of coconut into your egg mixture for a delightful ‘coconutty’ twist on these squares.

Delightfully tart, rich but not too rich and honestly the best lemon squares you will ever taste. What more can I say ?!

Lucious Lemon Squares
Lucious Lemon Squares