Inspiration Spell Jar is a craft that can be used to create a magical conduit to creativity. To make the jar, begin by collecting a small glass jar with a lid. Fill it with a few items that are associated with bringing on creative inspiration, such as shells, rocks, crystals, feathers, or small pieces of a favorite plant. Add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, orcasserole. Place a few drops of water in the jar and seal it with a lid. Place the jar in a special place of your choice and make it the area where you go to tap into your creative energy. When working on creative projects, take a few moments to think about your intentions for the project and focus on the contents of the jar. Visualize the creative energy radiating out of the jar and how it can help you achieve your goals.  


-1 small glass jar
-Small piece of paper
-Writing utensil
-Assorted gemstones or charms
-Herbs and spices of your choice
-Sea salt


1. Begin by writing down your desired outcome on the small piece of paper. You can write a goal, affirmation, or phrase that represents your desired inspiration.

2. Place the gemstones, herbs, and spices in the jar – all of these will help you manifest the inspiration in your own life. You can choose any combination of ingredients that have meaningful significance for you

3. Fill the jar up with sea salt until it is nearly full.

4. Now it is time to close the jar. Seal it with a lid and give it a quick shake to mix the ingredients together.

5. Place the jar in a place where it will be visible to you. Whenever you need a reminder, take one last look into your Inspiration Spell Jar. The combination of all the ingredients within it will be enough to help you stay focused and motivated.