-1 Mason jar with a lid
-1 white candle
-Saffron infused oil
-Ground Cinnamon
-Castor oil
-Rose petals


1. Begin by cleaning and purifying the jar with the intention of manifesting clarity, intuition and insight.
2. Place the white candle at the base of the jar and light it.
3. Begin to add the infused oil of saffron, one drop at a time. As you do speak aloud your intention for this spell.
4. Next add the ground cinnamon, as you sprinkle it around the jar also speak our loud your intention.
5. Then add a drop of castor oil to the center of the jar. again verbalize your intention.
6. Complete the illumination spell jar by sprinkling in rose petals until the jar is full.
7. Finally place the lid on the jar and let the candle burn down completely.
8. When the candle is finished, it is time for your to close the spell and to express your gratitude for all the guidance, clarity and insight you have received.
9. Place the spell jar in a place of honor, or where it will remain undisturbed, until you have time to access the answers it has to offer.