Honey Spell Jar

A honey spell jar is a type of spell jar that uses honey to increase the power of the spell and make it sweeter. It is the perfect spell for when you want the universe to work in your favor and get what you desire. Honey spell jars are very easy to make and are great for beginners and experts alike.

Making a honey spell jar involves a few simple steps. To make a simple honey spell jar, you will need: a jar, honey, herbs or other magical ingredients, a paper and pen, and a candle.


1. Begin by lighting your candle and allowing the candle to burn for a few minutes. As it burns envision your wish taking shape in the flame of the candle.

2. While the candle is burning, write down what you wish to achieve on the piece of paper.

3. Next, fill the jar with honey. While pouring the honey, recite the words you wrote down on the paper.

4. Add magical ingredients that correspond to your desired result of the spell. Some common magical ingredients include rose petals, cinnamon, and lavender.

5. Once your honey spell jar is complete, place it in an area of your house that is peaceful and quiet. Allow the jar to sit for a few days.

6. When you are ready, take the candle you lit at the start of your spell and use it to light the honey spell jar. Visualize your wish taking shape and coming true as the candle melts the honey.

7. Once the candle has burned out, your honey spell jar is complete. Dispose of the contents anywhere outside, preferably in a natural area such as a park, forest, river, or beach.


Honey Jar Spell


• 1 jar
• 1 candle
• Honey
• Herbs & magical ingredients
• Piece of paper & pen


1. Light the candle and write your wish on the piece of paper.

2. Fill the jar with honey and recite your wish over the jar.

3. Add herbs & magical ingredients to the jar.

4. Place the jar in a peaceful area and let it sit for a few days.

5. Once ready, light the candle a second time and use it to light the honey jar. Visualize your wish coming true as the candle melts the honey.

6. After the candle has burned out, dispose of the contents outside in a natural area.

Your honey jar spell is now complete. May your wishes come true!