Sumptuous Fish Maw Soup, An Easy Chinese Pleasure

Fish maw soup is a traditional and nourishing Chinese cuisine. Despite its simple flavor, the dish packs a delicious hot punch that never fails to put a smile on faces! With a few key ingredients and a bit of time and patience to simmer, it can be cooked up in a cinch.

One of the most remarkable things about this soup is how profound its taste is with such a basic list of ingredients. The fish maw, or fish swim bladder, is the star ingredient. This humble and unassuming oddity adds umami and texture to the broth, and the pork rib gives the soup substantial timing. And to complete the taste, a pinch of salt, bit of sugar, and some green onions give the soup a sweet, savory, and comforting flavor.

On top of being tasty, the fish maw soup provides the diner with a large amount of nutrients, such as calcium, protein, iron and vitamins. It is also believed to support immune system health, which makes it an attractive choice for those who wish to stay healthy in the colder months.

Unlike similar Chinese recipes, this version of fish maw soup employs a boiling method that helps to bring out maximum flavor and highlights the key ingredients. A bit of patience is required in this step as it can take up to an hour for the bubble and hiss of the soup to create a perfect consistency.

Typically cooked in a traditional clay pot, fish maw soup is a cozy dish enjoyed by all – a humble bowl of delight that reminds us of family and connecting to a deep culinary history.


– 2 slices of Fish Maw
– 2-3 pork ribs
– 1 chopped green onion
– 2 tablespoons of cooking wine
– 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
– 1 teaspoon of sugar
– 1 teaspoon of salt


1. Start by boiling some water in a pot, enough to cover the fish maw and pork ribs.

2. Soak the fish maw in cold water for 10 minutes and then add it to the boiling water. Boil for 30 minutes until the fish maw has swelled up and softened.

3. Add the pork ribs, green onion, cooking wine, light soy sauce, sugar, and a pinch of salt to the pot. Simmer over low to medium heat for 1 hour.

4. Once the soup has reached a desirable consistency, adjust the taste with a bit more salt if necessary. Serve in a bowl, and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this traditional Chinese soup!