Chicken Dinner Healthy

Healthy Chicken Stirfry

This is a really easy chicken recipe for a delicious healthy Asian style chicken stir fry. Use your favorite vegetables like fresh onions, green or red peppers, broccoli and green beans. If you have time use fresh garlic and fresh ginger, especially if you like to eat as healthy as possible.

It is super low carb and low fat (if you go easy on the rice/noodles) and makes perfect left overs for lunch the next day. We all need to eat more vegetables and this recipes makes it very easy to do so. It is worth mentioning that you can also substitute tofu if you are having vegetarian guests or feel like a healthy alternative for your family. I am sure you are really going to love this classic Asian dish.

Use the comments below if you have any interesting substitutions or you just want to tell everyone how much you enjoyed it.

Chicken Stirfry