-1 mason jar
-A few tablespoons of Epsom salt
-White flowers
-A few drops of white sage essential oil
-Selenite stones
-Rose petals
-White tea light candle


1. Begin by filling the jar two-thirds full with the Epsom salt.
2. Add some white flowers, as well as a few drops of white sage essential oil, and mix everything around a bit with a small wooden spoon.
3. Add the selenite stones and rose petals.
4. Place the white tea light candle in the center of the jar, and light it.
5. Close the jar and sit in a comfortable space, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.
6. Visualize white light cleansing the space and everything within it, while envisioning everything around you being filled with peace.
7. Once you have completed your visualization, slowly open your eyes and blow out the candle flame.
8. Place the jar somewhere in your home where it won’t be disturbed, and let it work its cleansing magic.