Ingredients and Tools

– 1 jar
– Herbs such as rosemary, bay leaf, cardamom, and lavender
– Parchment paper
– Pen or marker
– Essential oil of your choice


1. Begin by cleansing your jar and yourself. Smudge the jar with your favorite incense and sage, or use a sound such as a singing bowl.

2. Fill the jar with the herbs of your choosing. Most common herbs used are rosemary, bay leaf, cardamom, and lavender.

3. Write a short phrase of intent on a piece of parchment paper. For example, “My inner voice will guide me” or “My intuition will lead me”.

4. Place the parchment inside the jar and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choosing.

5. Seal the jar and place it on your altar or somewhere special to you.

6. Focus on your intent as you create a ritual to open the jar and offer up your intentions.