Chico Spell Jar

Chico spell jars are an old-fashioned work of magic that dates back to the 1700s. This type of spell jar was created to inspire love, luck and good fortune. The jars contained a variety of herbs, minerals, and other magical ingredients. The jars were often kept in homes or given as a token of love to another. The power of the ingredients in the jar was believed to bring positive vibes and fortune.

There are many ways to create your own Chico spell jar. The first step is to find or gather the ingredients. The items can range from herbs such as thyme, nutmeg and lavender, to gemstones such similar to rose quartz and citrine, stones such amethyst and jasper, and even materials like snake skin or birch bark.

Once you have all the ingredients you need, begin constructing the jar. A traditional Chico spell jar is typically made from a mason jar, a bottle, or any other types of container. Some people find it more meaningful to build the jar from natural materials.

For this recipe, we will use a mason jar. Place your ingredients into the jar and include a love charm for added sentiment. A love charm can be anything of meaning to you, such as a photograph, a lock of hair, or a meaningful token from nature.


• Mason jar
• Thyme
• Nutmeg
• Lavender
• Rose Quartz
• Citrine
• Amethyst
• Jasper
• Snake skin or birch bark
• Love charm


1. Gather or find all your ingredients
2. Place your ingredients into the mason jar
3. Add a love charm of your choice
4. Close the jar and seal with wax
5. Place in your home or give as a token of love