Welcome to the world of Chicken Tarragon Salad! This delectable dish is a unique take on a classic salad that packs a traditional French bistro flavor. Experience the burst of flavor from the unique marriage of classic ingredients: lettuce, roasted chicken, and tarragon.

Thrill your taste buds and wow your friends with this surprisingly simple recipe. Lettuce: Check. Roasted chicken: Check. Tarragon: Check. All the ingredients are easy to find at the grocery store and require no preparation.

A generous sprinkle of tarragon provides the burst of flavor that will make your mouth water. Tarragon is a member of the sunflower family, native to southern Europe, western Asia and North Africa. With its complex, anise-like flavor, it adds a French signature to the dish.

Don’t forget the basics though. Use a vibrant, crisp lettuce as the base. The crisp leaves provide the perfect crunch to contrast the roasted chicken. Furthermore, incorporate diced onions for an added layer of complexity.

This recipe is great as a side dish. Serve up some crusty bread for an unforgettable meal that captures the essence of a French bistro. Enjoy with a glass of vino or a cold brew!

Chicken Taragon Salad


  • 2 cups lettuce, washed and dried
  • 1 roasted chicken, cut into strips
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 tablespoons tarragon, chopped


  • Rinse lettuce and dry.
  • Cut cooked chicken into strips.
  • Dice up onion.
  • Combine lettuce, chicken, onions and tarragon in a bowl.
  • Mix together and season with salt and pepper.

This Chicken Tarragon Salad is the perfect side dish to any meal. It’s full of traditional French flavors and is sure to please any dinner guest. For more French inspired recipes, check out our library of all things French cuisine. Mix and match the ingredients to your own tastes and have fun with this delectable dish. Bon Appétit!