Ingredients and Materials

– 1 jar with a lid (preferably glass)
– Printer paper
– Writing utensil
– Herbs of your choice (optional)
– Sealant (optional)


1.Gather all of your ingredients and materials.

2.Write out your curse or the words you want to be associated with breaking the curse on a piece of printer paper.

3.If desired, add herbs of your choice to the jar.

4.Roll up the paper and place it into the jar.

5.Seal the lid of the jar.

6.Meditate on the jar and your intention for breaking the curse for a few minutes.

7.Break or open the jar or otherwise physically break the curse.

8.If desired, use a sealant to permanently secure the lid of the jar.

9.Finally, cleanse the area with sage, a blessing, or some other cleansing technique.