Beauty Spell Jar

If you are in need of a little extra boost of beauty, this Beauty Spell Jar is the perfect way to give yourself a magical pick-me-up. Drawing on the power of a few natural ingredients, this charm helps bring out your individual beauty—emphasizing it’s already unique self—to make you feel like the beautiful goddess you are.

What You Need

– One clear jar
– One pink candle
– A selection of rose petals
– Biodegradable glitter
– Magnolia petals
– Honey
– Lavender essential oil
– Rose quartz chips
– Water


1. Begin by cleaning your jar with a bit of heaven water, clearing away any previous spells or energies.

2. Place the pink candle on the lid of the jar, lighting it while saying a prayer or affirmation to start off the spell.

3. Place the rose petals and magnolia petals inside the jar.

4. Add a few drops of the lavender essential oil over the top.

5. Follow with a few drops of honey, for sweetness and shine.

6. Finish off by adding the rose quartz chips.

7. Close the lid tightly, sealing it with a biodegradable glitter.

8. Now slowly fill the jar with water, raising it up to the top. As you fill the jar, visualize the spell coming to fruition and all your inner beauty radiating outwards.

9. Once you’ve filled it up, seal the jar with a cork, or by simply saying a few words of power.

Your Beauty Spell Jar is ready. Place it somewhere you can see it, to remind you of your own beauty. Keep it in your bedroom, and enjoy your glowing transformation.

Rekindle your Beauty Spell Jar whenever you wish to draw on a little extra beauty.