Homemade Beard Butter Recipe

Homemade beard butter is a great way to keep your facial hair feeling soft and manageable. This light and creamy beard butter is great for use anywhere from a day-to-day look to a styled beard. For those of us with dry, brittle beards, this recipe cna help keep your hair hydrated and give it a nice shine. Keep reading for the full homemade beard butter recipe.

Beard Butter Recipe Ingredients

• 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil

• 1/4 cup Shea Butter

• 1/4 cup of Beeswa x

• 1 tbsp Vitamin E oil

• A few drops of your favorite Essential Oils (optional)


1. Begin by gathering all of your ingredients and the necessary items. You will need a glass jar or container, a bowl, a double boiler (or make one with a saucepan and a bowl that fits over it but doesn’t touch the water) and a spoon.

2. In the heat resistent bowl of your double boiler, melt your coconut, shea butter and beeswax on low heat, stirring occasionally.

3. Once your ingredients are fully melted, add in your essential oils. Stir in thoroughly.

4. Carefully pour your melted mixture into your glass jar and let cool for about 1 hour.

5. After the mixture has cooled and solidified, enjoy the softness of your homemade beard butter!