The Deliciously Tangy 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller

Those daring enough to try something adventurous, have a solution – the 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller. It’s a truly unique combination of scrumptious flavors, odd-yet-appealing ingredients, and a delectable combination that can’t be matched. To satisfy that wild, tantalizing craving, the 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller is the answer.

A Deliciously Bold Ingredient List

The 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller is essentially a buffalo chicken wrap, with several intriguing additions that give it a truly special flavor. The ingredients list reads as follows: chicken, 711 sauce, bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, and tortilla wraps. This combination of ingredients creates a unique, intense flavor.

A Peppy Prep Process

Preparing the 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller is as easy as 1-2-3 for even the novice chef. To start, fry the bacon, jalapenos, and chicken pieces in a pan with a touch of oil. Mix in the 711 sauce for added sting. Once cooked, place the ingredients inside of a warm tortilla wrap, and top it off with lettuce. Finally, the wrap is ready to be devoured.

An Atypical Taste Sensation

The resulting taste sensation is one unlike any you may have experienced so far. With a piquant tang of the 711 sauce, the juiciness of the chicken, the crunch of the bacon, and a hint of the jalapenos, this sandwich wrap has truly got it all. From the first bite, the tantalizing flavors and texture make for an unforgettable dining experience.

A Unique Culinary Culture

The 711 Buffalo Chicken Roller is a truly unique concoction, perfect for those daring enough to take a risk. Though it appears simple, the complex tastes and textures bring a whole new dimension to the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. It is a delicious fusion of flavors that brings together not only the culinary cultures of American and Mexican cuisine, but also spices taken from far-flung countries around the world.

Try this adventurous and mouth-watering dish soon, it speaks for itself.


– 2 Chicken Breasts
– 2tbsp of 711 Sauce
– 4 Bacon slices
– 2 Jalapenos
– Half head of Lettuce
– 2 Tortilla Wraps


1. Start by frying the bacon, jalapenos and chicken pieces in a pan with a touch of oil.
2. Mix in the 711 Sauce for a more intense flavor.
3. Once cooked, place the ingredients in the center of a warm tortilla wrap.
4. Top off the wrap with lettuce.
5. Roll the wrap up and enjoy!